This landing page is created for the purpose of promoting the sales of Gibson Guitars. It presents the Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar in an interactive way, featuring various pre-recorded licks and scales. Thus, it  does well to immerse the customer in a real guitar browsing experience.
The problem
The sales rates of musical instruments have drastically declined due to the covid-19 pandemic, and it's economic implications. Gibson Guitars have also been deeply affected by the situation, almost going bankrupt. To make matters worse, an insufficiently accessible web store did not motivate customers to make a purchase. 
The solution
Creating an accessible, easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing website that would mimic the real experience of going to a physical music shop as much as possible. This way it would expand the range of potential clients and further motivate the permanent and returning ones.
Gibson Guitars are made for professional guitarists, as such, I chose to present three personas who present different stages in the career of a guitarist - a student who aspires to become a pro, a band member and an expert with years of experience.
Behind the scenes 
Thank you!
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