UX/UI concept class || 2021, 3rd year
In this project we were asked to choose a film and prepare an interactive website for it which will be used as a teaser focusing on one of the movie's concepts. I decided to give focus to the science of the film because not many know, but it is a film that has deep scientific basis. 

Reaching the concept of the site by user research
We weren't briefed to do a user research, but I decided to do it anyway because I wanted to know about people's opinions on the movie, things they liked most and things they had a hard time to understand. The user research allowed me to keep the focus on the relevant things in my site - keep it simple, clean but make the user curious. 
Sources of information
In order to properly understand the movie, I’ve read the book “The Science Behind Interstellar” and lectures by Professor Kip Thorne, who also devised the theories behind the movie’s main plot.
- In an attempt to showcase the planets in the utmost accuracy, I’ve used this opportunity to learn, and create my first 3D After Effects models.
- The equations that appear in this website are taken from the scientific research done behind the scenes.
- The main menu features a planetarium-like theme that represents the solar system in which the main characters traverse. The cursor mimics the distortion of a magnetic field in space.
- The infographics I illustrated in this work were carefully planned to emphasize the scientific accuracy of Interstellar.

User Flow
Mood Board
Thank you!
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