In this project that lasted 3 weeks we were asked to find a problem and find a solution to it through deep user research. The target audience of "Rolesnap" is people who appreciate cinema and t.v series. The user Scan the screen with his phone's camera and receive information about the character relevant to his viewing pace without any spoilers.
The problem
While viewing a long t.v or movie series, there may be times in which we forget a character that may be important to the plot. As of now, there is no application that offers an easy way to search for certain characters during the stream, without risking a "spoiler". 
The Solution
I created an application that implements augmented reality technologies to scan and identify characters in the user's series\movie in real time, and provide them with in depth, spoiler proof information, in addition to interactive features of the character.
At the beginning of the research I decided to make an "Google Forms" quiz with a few questions to get to know how popular is the problem. I posted the quiz in popular facebook groups like "The Geeks"/״Ahgikia" and over 120 people helped me with their answers.
From all the pepole who took the quiz I decided to focus on two personas that shares together the appreciation for cinema and t.v series. But first one is experience it as a daily job and the other as a daily hobby.
Empathy Map
The map I made based on answers from the interviews I conducted with the personas. Examples of some of the questions: 
- "Why do you think this app can be useful?"
- "Have you had any more questions about a character regardless of her identity and role while watching?"
- "Usually you encounter this problem, do you have anyone to turn to? If not, what are you doing?"
The Design
After the research I did, I realized that the app can contain additional content and not just the main function of the app to recognize a character. I added features that will be fun to use and  help in deep familiarity with the character and help in remembering him for the long term while keeping flow short, clear and fun.
User Flow
Style guide
Ui Screens
The similarity feature is made for connect the user to the character and made him curious about it, And the Quiz made help the user to remember the character's storyline. 
Thank you!
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